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"It's Buffy.  Leave a message - or, if it's the end of the world (literally) - beep me."

This post acts as an in-game voicemail for Buffy and and out of game place
to contact the mun.  Please indicate whether the comment is
ic or ooc.  Feel free to leave Buffy a message and she'll get back to you
or drop an ooc line here if you want to plot/RP with/start a verse with Buffy.
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Want to start a verse?  Let me know here.
The verses )
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This is mostly for the people who Buffy interacts with on a regular basis.  I know most people post links to their new SWS posts in their journals right away, so that people on their F-list watching for their threads don't have to wade through every single post on a busy SWS day.  I know that personally I like it when people do that, because sometimes I might miss a post if I'm just skimming quickly.  I don't do this myself because I like to summarize what happened in threads, and I can only do that after the fact.  

So, I'm doing this.  If you would like to know whenever Buffy puts up a new SWS post, just track/stalker-pin this entry.  I'll post links to any SWS threads as a comment, and you should receive an e-mail notif whenever there's a new one.  ♥
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How's My Driving?
Buffy is the character that I feel like I probably have to work on the most to capture her properly. 
We'd really appreciate any help to do so!
Comments, questions, concerns, constructive critiques, opinions on logs, or reminders about canon can all be left here. 
Comments are screened, and anon is available as an option.
Thank you!    :)

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Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Buffy ([ profile] cuzitswrong ) and Spike ([ profile] killed2slayers )
Ship: Buffy/Spike
Genre: Romance/Angst/Humor
Rating:  PG
Timeline/Verse: Angel Still Can't Get Laid verse; post s7; Queen of the Slayers AU
Prompt: Collide by Howie Day
Requested By: [ profile] museofspeed Merry Christmas, bb ♥
Summary: After the Immortal reveals his insidious plans (to Spike's complete lack of surprise), he throws Buffy and Spike in the dungeon.  Things come up when there's nowhere to run.

"Can I just take this moment to say... " Spike started )
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Player nickname: Arden
Player LJ: [ profile] dancinpenguins
Way to contact you:
Email: kiwi4ever13[at]hotmail[dot]com
AIM: thegreatmuldini
Other: ardendactyl @ plurk
Are you at least 15?: Y
Current Characters: N/A

Ow! Mommy, this mortal wound is all... itchy. )
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 Ok, so the spontaneous song and dance routine?  

Seen it before.  Doesn't end well.  So if anyone starts seeing sparks or smoke, watch out.   The next little ditty could be the showstopping finale that'll put a real damper on your future career as an... anything.

Speaking of, Spike, I might need your help on this if it does turn out to be a sequel to My Fair Sunnydale, so if you're listening--

[There's one piano note and the mood immediately shifts.  There's suddenly dramatic blue lighting, and the words she meant to say are replaced with... something completely different.]

Just lay it all down.
Put your face into my neck and let it fall out.
I know, I know ,I know. I knew before you got home.
This world you're in now,
it doesn't have to be alone,
I'll get there somehow, 'cos
I know I know I know
when, even springtime feels cold.

[Her eyes are pretty much dinner plates right now, and she looks decidedly more vulnerable than anyone's ever seen her on the barge.  She couldn't say these things out loud to Spike in private, and now here they go across the public channel.  But thanks to ~flood magic~, she slowly comes to forget the fact, and there's a pervasive honestly behind her voice that seems to imply she's not just admitting something here, but making an important case at the same time.]

Oh, there's more. 8| )

[There's a pause when the music dies down, and Buffy stares down at the bottom corner of the screen, trying to catch the breath she's suddenly lost.]


[When words fail to crop up and provide her with an adequate excuse for what she just sang, she reaches out and shuts it off.  Fast.]
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 Hey, looks like we won the ol' lottery.  Except with less... getting rich and learning we have relatives we didn't know about, and more getting paired up for rehabilitation purposes. 

Anyway, I figured we should meet up some time soon.
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 Ok, no jumping down my throat for this one.  It's just a suggestion of the friendly variety.  Don't buzz on my optimism.  

I think people on both sides of the inmate/warden line have expressed a lot of frustration with the whole lack of organized information / response time deal around here.  Apparently people have tried to organize response teams or whatever before, and it's just never worked out well.  I'm not suggesting something like that.  

But I do think the barge could benefit from even having some kind of weekly bulletin type thing where anyone: inmate or warden alike, can comment and read issues of concern. I already know some of you might be thinking 'well that's why we have these journals. People should just read everything.'  Big shocking newsflash of the day: not everyone does.  A lot of the inmates - and sadly some of the wardens probably - don't care about every single piece of juicy gossip going around, so mining out the important stuff when it gets lost in responses to people's announcements can be difficult.

So I'm just saying maybe we could just throw up the 'Bulletin Board' every week, and people could bullet point anything of vital import to the ship as a whole.  Like 'oh yeah, someone died last week and so and so are working on dealing with that.'   I don't really see a reason to keep it locked to wardens, especially since the whole point here is that we're trying to help people.  Not keep them in the dark or treat them like the bad guys.  Obviously, some stuff has to be kept on the down low, just because someone might actually be a threat - but there's still plenty that they should -know- things are being done about.  

It's just an idea.  I'd be willing to field the bulletin posts if people agree to it.   And I'm not saying it will fix the ... problems with immediate response to things, but it should at least help allay the image that no one is doing anything to help people around here.  And communication's always a positive.  

So.  Thoughts?  


Jul. 22nd, 2010 11:08 pm
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Alright, campers, listen up.  Today's the ten mile survival hike, so get your gear and line up at 0800. 

It's going to be you and me and mother nature so only:

one regulation canteen
the clothes on your back
and I guess the shoes on your feet are okay.

You'll be learning what to eat in the wild, how to tell directions and not get hopelessly lost, and how to survive bear attacks.

Oh right, I probably should have... mentioned the bears.  They've been spotted in the part of the forest we're heading towards, sooo... buddy system.

[This post can be used as either a journal or action!spam log for the Sabre Tooth Tiger cabin, which consists of highly aggressive and/or violence-is-the-best-solution campers, so if you want in, just jump in!  Inmates/wardens/campers/counselors/etc.]
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Oh no no.


This is so not entertaining. 

I think it's really disturbing that I might be wearing my sister, but I can still heft a battle axe around. 

I guess it would be even more disturbing if the flood washed my slayer abilities away again though.  Thank heaven, small favors.

But, no really, when is this over with?
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[Warden filter]

All accounts strung together paint a pretty technicolor picture here.  Not only did Arthas attack Ana, but apparently there was that other whole kidnapping issue with Hix - and I was already in the process of dealing with him throwing out death threats to someone else, when I found out about these things.

For those who don't know, I've been assigned as his temporary warden, though I was told that meant I wasn't to deal with any of the actual rehabilitation-y angles of the warden-inmate dynamic, but someone's got to do something.  I'm throwing him in Level Zero.  If I don't have the power to do anything more than that, I'm relatively sure no one's going to complain about that much, especially at this point.    And if they do?  They can take it up with me.  

Anybody with information on either of these instances?  Better bring it to my attention.  And I'm really hoping no one's got anything else to add to the growing pile here, but if you do tell me.  This is why I checked in with everyone about him last week, so that if there was anything bubbling up towards the surface, I could deal with it before it ... over-bubbled. 

I think it's clear we're beyond the bubbling stage now.

[Private to Agent 47]

Did you honestly go try to handle this by yourself without even giving me a heads-up first?

You better at least give me a full report of what went down.

[Private to the Admiral]

So how much lee-way does a temporary warden get around here?  I'm pretty sure keeping him from killing somebody is among my rights.

[Editing in a private to the Doctor]

The box with the sword.  What happened to it?

[[Buffy's heading straight down to Arthas' room before she even checks for responses here.  If Arthas-mun wants, we can handle that in spam or a log, or if he's going quietly it can be assumed he's down there now.]]

[04] voice

Jun. 9th, 2010 03:07 pm
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All with the new faces everywhere again, I see. 

Welcome aboard, I'm Buffy, if you have any vampire related problems knock on my door, etc. etc.

I'm down at the gym pretty regularly so if anybody's ever up for a little friendly sparring, I'm your girl.  Though I feel the need to warn you to leave your B game in your cabin.  Slayer powers = genuinely unfair advantage when it's fisticuffs time.

Oh, and P.S. - any sparring partners who tries to tell me my life is a TV show?  I won't pull any of those Slayer punches.

[Warden Filter]

Just checking in to make sure nobody's noticed my temporary inmate getting into scrapes.  Has anybody spent any time around Arthas at all?  He's either of the likes-to-hole-up-in-his-room variety or the really-good-at-avoiding-me stock.

[Filter to: Arthas]
Not getting into any trouble, I hope.  We still should arrange that whole inmate-temporary-warden picnic or whatnot at some point.  Just to catch up.

[[If anyone wants to comment spam gym time, feel free to!]]
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Hi there.  I've been assigned as your temporary warden as of, oh, yesterday, and wanted to say hello, seeing as how they didn't provide me with any kind of file or warnings or ... even vague post-it note full of bullet points about you.  I figured we should probably meet up at some point?  I won't be doing any of your actual rehabilitate-y things, but if you need extra towels, I guess I'm your go-to girl.

[02] voice

May. 9th, 2010 05:47 am
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Ok, from the amount of general freak out posts popping up, I'm guessing we've sailed off the chart of day-to-day Barge activities and into the realm of the weird.   Great way to ring in the first weekend.

Soo question: does anyone actually recognize the people who are getting all hackeratti on the journals, or do we have no idea where they're coming from?  
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After dealing with an army of last-bagel-gobbling bathroom-hogging three-am-giggle-fest Slayerettes in training for months on end?  I'm pretty sure dealing with reforming one hardened criminal will feel like something of a vacation.  I mean hey, there's no looming Apocalypse, no nightly vigils at fresh grave sites (one of the many advantages of boats - that whole lack of cemeteries thing), and no one lifting my hairspray every time I turn around.

Sounds like cake.  

Or at least like one of those little Hostess cupcake things you can get out of vending machines, which aren't as good as real cake, but they're still tasty if you don't think too hard about that whole nutritional value thing. 

Oh, I should probably introduce myself.  Buffy Summers.  Slayer.  Long resume of world saving, and new resident warden.  

But no really, are there any vending machines on this boat?
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Prompt: Bye Bye Bye by N Sync
Requested By: [ profile] angelbuffy

Characters: Buffy Summers, Dawn Summers
Timeline/Verse: [ profile] sixwordstories  verse, main
Disclaimer:  I don't own Buffy in any way, shape, or form. Buffy is [ profile] cuzitswrong  and the Dawn mentioned is not linked to any journal in particular.
   I might have... played with timelines.  Deal with it.

Still accepting requests here!

It took Buffy three attempts before she finally yelled loud enough to get her sister's attention.  Though it might have also been the stuffed bear she hurled at her head, plucked off the dresser beside the door where she'd stood glaring. 

Dawn shot her an annoyed look, and batted at the space bar on her computer to pause the song.

"Can I help you?" she asked in a tone that warned Buffy this conversation was going to go on the "difficult" pile.  Buffy decided to avoid a fight - this time - by taking a different tack.

"Who were you listening to, anyways?" she asked, making a little face as she glanced around Dawn's not-particularly-clean-right-now room.  Dawn's face contorted into an expression of confusion mixed with downright offense at Buffy's question.

"You really need to get out during the day more often," she advised.  Buffy was not so much amused by the comment.

"So I don't keep up with Tiger Beat.  I refuse to be guilted over this.  I'm still hip," Buffy pouted.

"Uh huh.  Lots of hip people nowadays don't even know who the Jonas Brothers are," Dawn replied with a roll of her eyes. 

"Wait, that's what they sound like?" Buffy asked.  "Huh."

"What did you expect?" Dawn demanded, turning in her chair to face her all-too-outdated sister with judging eyes.

"I don't know.  Just... more, I guess?  I mean, isn't every teenage girl in the world in love with them for some reason?" she asked.  Even though she was honestly just curious, Dawn dared to look perfectly outraged.

"You are so weird.  This is why I don't bring people over," she huffed, flipping her ponytail over her shoulder, as she turned around and went to turn her Pandora station back on.

"And here I thought it was all the battle axes in the living room," Buffy muttered to herself, turning to go.

Dawn didn't register the comment, as she'd already starting blaring tunes again, setting Buffy's shoulder tight with renewed frustration.  The anger melted though, as the next song started up and her head whipped around, eyes widening in sudden delight.

"No way," she exclaimed, almost pushing Dawn aside, as she crossed the room in a few sudden steps.

"Hey!" Dawn protested, as her desk chair was spent spinning, with her as a dizzied passenger, gripping its arms.  Her shouts were drowned out as Buffy cranked the volume even further, seeming to have forgotten that she'd only come up here to chastise her sister for the same thing moments ago.

"I haven't heard this song in forever!" Buffy shouted, though half of what she was saying was lost in the din.  Dawn just stared at her sister as if she had utterly lost her mind as the older girl spun around and started doing really retarded dance moves that offended all of Dawn's teenage sensibilities. 

"What is wrong with you?  Ugh!" Dawn shouted, as she moved over to turn it down.  Buffy rolled her eyes this time, staring at her sister like she had grown another head. 

"It's N' Sync, Dawn.  Duh."

Dawn's expression still read uh, what? and Buffy sighed and shook her head.  "Y'know, like... Justin Timberlake?  His... boy band?"

"Justin was in a boy band?"   The level of incredulity there was just too much for Buffy to take.  She just turned back to the computer and cranked it again just in time to jump into place and wave bye-bye-bye across the room.

"Ok, that's it, I.. can't be in here and witness this.  I'm trying this new thing where I limit the amount of stuff that I allow to scar me forever," Dawn said, as she got up and headed out the door.  

"Kids these days," Buffy mumbled, before launching back into her dance.  Because hey, sometimes you just had to boogie.
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Buffy talks to Oliver about whether she made the right decision or not in leaving LA after Spike's death.

Buffy's stake and Mr. Gordo abruptly start talking to her...

Mr. Gordo > [ profile] gordocommamr 
Mr. Pointy > [ profile] i_am_mr_pointy 

Spike's back from the dead - or not so dead, it seems.  He and Buffy have a heartbreaking reunion, and she's saddened to learn that this isn't permanent - he's going to help Angel and doesn't want her to follow. She convinces him to spend the night with her, even though they both know it's a horrible idea.

Buffy laments Spike leaving again, talking to Faith about it.

Hrnngh I should post more with Buffy.  If anyone wants to do stuff with her, hit me up here.


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