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Name:buffy anne summers.
Birthdate:Jan 19
Location:Sunnydale, California, United States of America

| Buffy Summers | and we have never been back there since

Canon:Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers: Slayer. The.
Well, until recently. Now, with a slew of new Slayers who need training, guidance, and direction, Buffy makes the transition from student to teacher, mentee to mentor.

Buffy is currently active in the RPs amusebox.
| creeperhouse | Amityville verse @ amusebox

Timeline: A few days post S7, following the non-canon novel Queen of the Slayers.
| Disclaimer and credits |

Disclaimer: I am not Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy Summers, or anyone affiliated with BTVS. No profit made here. RP purposes only.

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angel, anya i guess, averting apocalypses, dawn, demon slaying, doing the sister thing, fighting, friends, giles, girl power, not so much school, saving the world alot, slayerettes, slaying, spike, staking vamps, teaching, weird vision quests, willow, xander
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